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Where the products ships from?

I live in Lithuania and all my products are shipped from Lithuania.

What countries do I ship to? What method?

I ship Worldwide by standard post or FedEx. Each parcel will have tracking
number. Please see more information in shipping policy

What are shipping costs?

Shipping rates are calculated based on your location, the size, weight of your
order and shipping method so it’s difficult to estimate a general shipping charge.
To find out an exact shipping cost, please add your desired items to your cart
and update the delivery address.

What payment method are possible?

You can pay with Payment card, PayPal, Apple pay and Bank transfer (only from
EUR bank accounts)
I am trying to put on my website only tested and user-friendly items. I believe you
will be happy with the results. If you want to return item before you have used it I
will give you full refund after I receive item back to me. Please kindly note I am
not refunding shipping charges and money processing fee (appr.5%). I cannot
give you refund for used mold. Please read further FAQ regarding bubbles and
Return and refund policy:

Cancelling the order before it is shipped.

You can cancel the order before it fulfilled (tracking number created) by sending
e-mail request to . Please note that I will hold the
payment fee (approx. 5%) from the amount that will be refunded to you. 100%
refund is only if we cannot fulfill the order at our end. On other hand if you want
to add more or to changes your current order before it is shipped please just
send us email so we hold the parcel and we will arrange any amendments or

How long does it take for products to arrive?

FedEx delivers within one-two weeks Worldwide.
Standard tracked post service usually delvers within 3-6 weeks (high season 3-8
weeks) outside EU and 2-5 weeks within EU. If it is already more than 30 days
after shipping day please kindly let me know and I will initiate searching for parcel
procedure that can be initiated only after 30 days and usually works really well.
Lithuanian post reserves up to 60 days for that procedure. All my parcels have
reached the destination so far.

Why there are no any bubbles in my castings?

I am using Pressure pot/chamber for pretty much all my resin castings that
physically fit into the pressure chamber (not pressure cooker). I have purchased
my Pressure pot after watching this video.
I haven't done any vigorous research and paid quite substantial amount - about
600 EUR. You may find cheaper version on your marker, I liked sturdy reliable
look of my equipment and I am really happy with it. Using it pretty much every
day and I think it was the best investment so far. Do I recommend to purchase
pressure pot? Let's say at that day I was deciding between additional Jimmy
Choo pair of shoes or Pressure pot. The investment has paid off very soon. Even
if this wouldn’t be the case, the pleasure of working with it and premium quality of
exceptional flawless results are just enough for my personal needs. I can’t tell
you what is best for you. But it was definitely best for me. Please kindly check
Pressure pot section in my Instagram highlights for more information. Every Year
I am giving 20 coupons valued 50 EUR for resin artists who decided to invest in
pressure pot. Please contact me for more information.
How to convert EUR to USD, INR, RUB, CAD, AUD, GBP etc.?”
You can find exact rate at your bank website or PayPal.
You can use reference rate to understand value. Open Google, enter: Convert
EUR to XXX and probably you will get this website
I am using it all the time when purchasing in other currencies than EUR.

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